Monday, August 31, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #13 (click to tune in)

Not the promised Stiff Records Special - that's probably coming next week because it's going to be a bit longer as befits the subject. In the meantime you can thrill to Richie Havens, Jnr Poon, The Snivelling Shits, Richard & Mimi Farina and a whole host of delights including The James Last Orchestra.
What's the difference between The James Last Orchestra and a bull?
The bull's got the horns at the front and the arsehole at the back.


Anonymous said...

we're listening Eric. keep the show going. post when you like but please keep going.
for real "fun" try James Last MR GIANT MAN from the VOODOO PARTY lp.

Bob NJ

Wreckless Eric said...

hi Bob - glad you're still there. I don't know this Voodoo Party album. I'll look out for it. How do you stand on The Fifty Guitars Of Tommy Garret?

shpod said...

Hi Eric - finally got round to tuning in - great stuff - keep it going. remember the band name Snivelling Shits from Peel/Sounds punk adolescence - but never actually heard them - thanks!have downloaded some of your back broadcasts for in car commuting ipod play (Oh, the irony! - If I wasn't so damn happy I'd weep for how middle-aged i've become) x

Norma said...

Hi Eric,

I'm listening. Love it! I'm working through all of the shows, literally. I listen while I work at my computer.

See you and Amy before too long, I hope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing that 'Lord of the Hornets' thing - it led me to the Bob Calvert version which I had not heard and is also great. It reminds me a bit of the Brian Eno Warm Jets LP and Mick Ronson's Only After Dark which can't be a bad thing. Wonderful, thanks.

Anonymous said...

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