Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #36

There's a new user friendly site where you can hear show #36 and all the other shows. Just click this link and try to embrace a change for the better! 

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #36
An easy listening rock 'n' roll bonanza - the shadows of knight, roy loney, alabama shakes, ian hunter, kris kristofferson, linda heck and many more (well, a couple more), plus a wealth of easy listening classics, snatches of king tubby, the mutterings of a man with a faded mind, and sexual ramblings from doctor murray banks.
If I get more organised than I am now there might be a track listing at  In the meantime enjoy it and feel free to pass it round. This is pirate radio!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wreckless Eric Radio Show # 35 (click here to tune in)

Or right click 'save link as' to download
Back again (again) after a very long brief hiatus during which time we set sail for America in a metal container with all our belongings, got shipwrecked and ran aground up the Catskill Creek. Or some such rubbish.
Thrill to the vibrations of Chuck Prophet, Ghost Box, Salim Nourallah, Mickey Jupp's Legend and lots more, interspersed with the sound of me chattering over a backing provided by The Ray Conniff Orchestra and some insane German with a large synthesiser and a penchant for The Eagles.

A full tracklisting will possibly arrive somewhere at Meanwhile feel free to address all complaints in the comments thing