Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #10 (click to tune in)

The Wreckless Eric Space Programme - WESP for short, like NASA but quicker to say so it must be better... Music by The Steve Miller Band, the incredibly over-rated Rolling Stones, Hawkwind, Cameo... Hope you love it! Whoosh....


Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

Earth calling Eric!
Hawkwind do mention an astronomer in their lyrics so that must be the space link.
Another great show , keep em coming!
If Amy's glasses have fallen into a black hole you'd better be careful, nasty things black holes though sound can't escape a black hole can it? I could think of a few bands I'd like to put into one.
Over and out.

All-Of-A-Lucness said...

brilliant show once again, i expecially liked the close with kelly watch the stars, very cosmic (urgh)

a said...

Excellent show again. Saw than nice Mr Bowie doing his Space Oddity number at the Dome in Brighton. He had a bubble perm and an acoustic guitar. I think it was 12/6d to get in........

Ketley.muir said...

Brilliant shows.
Already my Sunday seems bereft as there was no show posted this week.

Incidentally, why are you playing such a shit venue in London this Autumn?
The Borderline or The 100 Club are much better...

Grahame said...

Patience is a virtue, true.

But come on now, where's number 11?

Wreckless Eric said...

The next show is a bit late because the van broke down in England after I got back from the UK. And I've had to do some work on the studio. But it's good to know that a few people are missing it, especially as the number of listeners has been dwindling rapidly.
I'll be back soon!

Bo said...

it's been a long time.....
I went to the show in Gothenburg @ Errols must have been in ´78 and we do miss Veronica!!!!!!
I discovered your Radio show just recently - Eric I'm stunned You're show is just greater than the great and I'm a big Little Steven fan...
As we say in Sweden - Keep up the good work.
I will play your programs to my son once he's through the Way out West festival here in Gothenburg, went there last year with all the family to enjoy Neil Young and we did.



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