Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #11 (click to tune in)

Tales from the wild frontier (our US tour) with music from John Sebastian, Wussy, McGinty & White, The Flamin' Groovies, Los Paraguayos... Plus a half baked Beatles vs Stones theory.
C U Next Tuesday.... (It's alright madam, we're builders,)


bernie the binman said...

Hello eric really enjoying the radio shows,not one show i havent enjoyed.thanks

Peter said...

Great to have the show back - will the setlists be updated too?

Much anticipation in this house for the London show...

Wreckless Eric said...

Glad you're listening Bernie!
I haven't got round to putting up the playlist for the latest show because it's been a bit of a madhouse round here. I'm recording some drums with Ian Button at the moment but I should be able to do it tonight. Thanks for reminding me Peter!

Tonywilmore said...

Hi Eric,
Just found your radio shows by chance, was having a Wreckless Day today, happens like that, for some reason i start singing "Whos that Pimple in the Mirror..............." now and then and other memorable greats from your first lp. Thought id look you up to see if you were still around.
Well chuffed i found you and lovin the radio show. gonna download the others now and eagerly await your next one.
If your ever up in N Wales look me up .
Thanks again

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