Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #14 (click to tune in)

Hang on to your testicles (or someone else's) and prepare to freak out. Music from Silver Apples, Alan Vega, Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra, Plummet Airlines, Jacques Dutronc, McGinty & White, Nick Lowe, The Honeycombs, Jimmy Reed and not forgetting Little Boy Blue & His Blue Boys.


Anonymous said...

I almost never comment on anything, but wanted to remind you that you're not going unappreciated. I love this week's especially eclectic show.

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

Don't fret Eric I hear there is a job opening at the BBC,I think you should be Wogan’s replacement: Wake Up to Wreckless! Ok maybe that's an experience only Amy would apreciate!

Russell said...

Absolutely loving the podcast, Eric -- and take heart inasmuch as, if I'm anything to go by, it may pay off in a modest way; I hadn't bought anything of yours since (gulp...) Live Stiffs in '78.
Matt Hall at the Guardian Twittered about the podcast ("Eeyore meets John Peel" were his words)... et voila -- I've had the podcast on constant loop in the car ever since, I've just ordered your book from Amazon and we're coming to see you and Amy next Saturday at the Thunderbolt in Bristol.
BTW, whatever happened to Larry Wallis?

Russell said...

...and it looks as though I bought the last copy of the book Amazon had in stock; now quoting 1 - 2 months for delivery.
The Turkey Zone don't seem to have it.
Is it out of print?

Bo said...

lost you for a while there, buy man this is so great.....
Still miss Veronica!

Bosse in Gothenburg

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the french record, whens it from?? I'm having a wreckless eric radio show back-catalogue day whilst writing about salvation army and drugs.. eclectic mix xxLOVE LUCI xxxxp.s i cant remember my blooody username for this blogger business hench the anononimitytyt