Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #19 (click to tune in)

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Back from the Yo La Tengo tour with a payola scandal - the new Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby 45 rpm short playing record previewed!! Plus The Seekers, The Seekers, The Seekers... also The Young Fresh Fellows, Yo La Tengo, Traffic Sound, Rotifer, Pentangle... and The Seekers.



jas said...

Hooray! A new episode.

Poppy Robbie said...

YES! new episode, new record! Merry Christmas indeed! Ordering now...


Anonymous said...

Compliments to you and Amy on 'Bobblehead Doll'. It's lovely. Will be getting the download when it's ready.


kpf said...

I hadn't heard the radio show before - I guess I have 18 to catch up on now. Thank you as it's extremely enjoyable. My kinda listening. Happy Holiday Season to you and your bride.

Warhol Superstar said...

Eric! I've missed you & your show! It was awesome, as usual. Wow - Pentangle!

And yr new single is brilliant. I'll be ordering one very soon.

Thx - Erica

Anonymous said...

Hi Wreckless Eric Radio Show

I'm slowly working through old episodes, but it was good to see a new show on here.

I don't think The Seekers are cool, but they produced some great songs and isn't that what counts?

Thanks for all the music and entertaining asides (was enjoying the bad cover versions show on an otherwise dull train journey earlier today) and hope to hear more in the future.


All-Of-A-Lucness said...

what a show- Nick Cole, ME, light flight- i love that song, funnily enough its one of the earliest songs i can remember, that and cliff richard-thanks! And as for the new single, fantastic- made me cry, what was it all for indeed? I hope Nick Cole listened to this.

G L Wilson said...

Thanks for the new record, Eric and Amy! I really enjoyed both sides of the record, and particulary enjoyed the sensation of buying a new piece of 7" vinyl in this day and age of digital downloads. It took me back to my teenage years when my life seemed to revolve around buying singles.