Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #31 (click to tune in)

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The penultimate show of the year, or just The Show Of The Year if you like. I only used penultimate because I've just figured out what it means. The ultimate show of the year or The Ultimate Show Of The Year if you like comes later, hopefully before the New Year. In the meantime enjoy Kilburn & The High Roads, Kevin Ayres, Tropics Of Cancer and a host of other delights.

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Warhol Superstar said...

Awesome.....thx as always - from one 'E' to another.

rashid1891 said...

his is good site

eduardo said...

Harry Chapin aside-was that a Kevin Ayers track that crept in somewhere,unannounced?

Wreckless Eric said...

I haven't had chance to put a tracklisting up. But yes, that was Kevin Ayres & The Whole World - the song is called Clarence In Wonderland.

David said...

Wonderful mix of songs. Quite liked the second tune you played from your Dad's record collection as well.

sprattle said...

Your description of Harry Chapin's records as "at once preposterous and magnificent" is spot on. I found several on the sidewalk a few months ago. He is absolutely earnest (he was a crusader against world hunger), but also thuddingly literal in his lyrics.

Did you know he wrote a sequel to TAXI that takes up the story of Harry and Sue ten years later? Harry is now a famous folk singer. The song is called, logically enough, SEQUEL.

Also William Shatner did a bizarre version on an American TV show in the 1970s that's floating around in cyberspace somewhere.

stuhre said...

»Harry is now a famous folk singer.«

Harry Chapin is now... dead since 30 years.
He was a great singer and songwriter though.

Grahame said...

Alright Eric, enough painting and decorating - time for a new radio show...

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, to be honest, I love you, your moderation and the music that you play. Being loved by a German bloke you don't even know might scare you to death, but that's not what I want. I want you to continue as long as you are able and willing. It's such a pleasure listening to your show.

Love to Amy!

Cheers, Lightning Buck

Rtcoms said...

Hi Eric,
Really loved your song "whole wide world" . Can I get instrumental for that from somewhere.


Peter said...
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Peter said...
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Peter said...
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Peter said...

The last two shows - which I have just got round to listening to - ("So you finally got round to playing the B-Side...") are a great mix of tunes.
Any idea where you will be domiciled in the USA yet?

Week Thirty One
Kilburn & The High Roads 
The Upminster Kid
Kevin Ayres & The Whole World 
Clarence In Wonderland
Sonny Terry Mountain Blues
Tropics Of Cancer Upside Down
Kathy Kirby That Old Feeling
The Shadows 36-24-36
Rupie Edwards Ire Feelings (Skanga)
Harry Chapin Taxi
Sy & The Family Stone Stand

Week Thirty Two
David Bowie
The Tornadoes Globetrotter
Pulp Glory Days
Spottiswoode & McMahon Ukranian Girl
Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane Keep Me Turning
Donnie Elbert
 Little Piece Of Leather
Research Turtles 
Girl Like You
Research Turtles You Are So
Kathy Kirby
 No Regrets