Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #29 (click to tune in)

Back again with an all-vinyl fiasco - a B side Chuck Berry cover from an unexpected corner, the humiliation of competitions, The Ramsey Lewis Trio, Medicine Head, Diego & The Dissidents, Cornershop, Heads Hands & Feet, Herb Alpert & His Tijuana Brass...


The Language Hammer said...

And about bloody time too. I've even been forced to think for myself about what I listen to of late. Not a good idea.

Wreckless Eric said...

I'll endeavour to carry on supplying aural opium for the discerning masses. It's a hell of a responsibility but I'll do what I can!

Anonymous said...

ahhh-bathed in the warm glow of vicarious good taste-to mix metaphors or is it similes?

Wreckless Eric said...

"bathed in the warm glow of vicarious good taste" is a metaphor or metaphors I think. I'm not sure whether they're mixed or not or if in fact there's more than one. I'm more concerned with trying to work out if it's an insult or a compliment.

Peter said...

Thanks for getting back to us.
It's a quieter and more miserable world without your input, Eric, and we sure need some input here in the UK at the moment...

Mr 2dans said...

After patiently checking every week for a new show, finding one is a bit like winning the lottery ... only without the worry of wondering whether you've ticked the no publicity box.

Good to see you back broadcasting again.

kpf said...

Missed you!

sprattle said...

Yes, American radio stations do have competitions, generally decided randomly (the 15th caller often seems to be the magic number). Concert tickets are the usual prize. A limousine ride with Wreckless Eric and his tour manager would be a truly memorable occasion indeed, even if they were glum, exhausted, and struggling to make conversation.

Wreckless Eric said...

That's me - glum, exhausted and struggling to make conversation for the past thirty odd years!

Ian said...

I always used to say that `Whole Wide World` was the song of my life (must book that trip to Tahiti one day, just in case).
Recently it's become clear that now the song of my life is Nick Lowe's `Man That I've Become` - only I can't bloody find my copy!
DOn't suppose you've got a copy around to spin on the show ....?

Wreckless Eric said...

I can't play the song that replaced mine! I don't think I've got that one anyway.

Ian said...

The Nick Lowe song could never replace Whole Wide World in my affections - it's just that these lyrics seem a tad more appropriate to the cynical 48 year old me.
Though reading them back surely even I'm not THAT bitter 'n' twisted!!.

Can I request Amy's `Don't Ever Change` instead?

Theres a kind of man that you sometimes meet
Worlds passing him by on wing-ed feet
he walks around with his senses numb
If you know him thats the kind of Man That I've Become

The kids all know him 'cause when they play
he comes and shoos them away
he's irritated by everyone
If you know him thats the kind of Man That I've Become

The friends he had are 'so-called' now
they all slipped away somehow
he's had the blues much more than some
If you know him thats the kind of Man That I've Become

He wont go to church cause his faiths all gone
The sweet singing of the choir
will only drive him home
as for comfort he hasn't got a crumb
If you know him thats the kind of Man That I've Become

He wont go to church its too loud for him now
the sweet singing of the choir
is nothing but a row
his hearts a prune when it once was a plum
If you know him thats the kind of Man That I've Become

eduardo said...

Listening to this in a guest house in Kathmandu.What a great choice of tracks ,particularly Cornershop and Heads Hands and Feet.Edward