Monday, October 5, 2009

Wreckless Eric Radio Show #17 (click to tune in)

Back Again! Music from Jon Hiseman's Colosseum, Kevin Coyne, The Ethiopians, Circuit Parade, Ike & Tina Turner, Denny Laine, Robert Coyne, Grand Funk Railroad... plus a couple of subtle snatches of Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra. And in case anyone thought I'd gone soft, there's an anti-Live Aid/anti-Police diatribe.


Bob_NJ said...

nice one as usual. i wonder if anyone else has been unable to "control/click" to save the show? it wont work for me.
HOLLY DAYS.... the first project after McCartney bought Buddy Hollys catalog. make sense now?

Grand Funk Railroad.... brings back 10th grade, Marlboros in the boys room, detention, Karen and Debbie and possibly a band i was in called Ethel Mertz (later renamed Stoned Church) playing INSIDE LOOKING OUT.

Norma said...

Thank you so much for your rant about the Police. I despise them more than just about any other band from the era (well, I also hate another band with a 2-symbol name, one a letter and one a numeral, but I hate them slightly less than I hate the Police.) I have a friend who used to be married to pre-success Andy Summers so I usually have to keep quiet about my detestation. Or do I?

Damian said...

Hi Eric
Top class show. Nice to hear over Artists not on over radio sations. Most radio crap. You play Great stuff. Thanks for song. I liked it as playind lots of ska at moment. Keep Doing the Radio Show Its the Dogs Daggers.As for the Police they should be on Beat. DoDoDaDa. Damian.
PS Your gig Great and me mates had good night. Cheers.

Wreckless Eric said...

I don't know about that "click /save" business - some people have computers that can do it, some don't. But then again some people have computer skills ("computer skills" - yuk - but better than the utterly abhorrent and almost unutterable "tech savvy")and some people don't. Not that I'm suggesting that you don't Bob! I have to be careful after unthinkingly dedicating You Can't Be A Man to you at that unspeakable record shop gig in Camden run by that obese arsehole (I'm sure he knows who he is - happy listening!). Anyway, I knew by the end of the first line that I'd made a terrible mistake.
Interesting to think that there are two models of Andy Summers - pre-success and post-P***ce. I've always tried to be charitable about Andy Summers but Kevin Ayers went downhill when Andy Summers joined the band and the same nearly happened to Kevin Coyne who developed an alarming penchant for rock guitarists. That Andy Summers should be hung for offences against Kevins. Or just for offences full stop. Or maybe not hung (I'm sure his pop star status dictates that he's "hung" already - but can he still get it up at the age of eighty three?)- where was I before all these inverted commas and brackets? - he should at least be reprimanded. Has anyone ever told the Police to their faces that they're - I was going to say aural diarrhoea but I'm not sure I can spell it. But there I've said it now.
If you can follow any of that you're doing very well. Thanks for listening!

Anonymous said...

Not trying to be patronizing, or condescending if you know your stuff... but do you who have difficulty have a Windows OS? You can right-click to save it. Otherwise, I'd be left without my awesome collection on which to draw when I have no internet. :-P

Peter said...

Thanks again for the eclecticism.
Any chance of a playlist update, please?

Wreckless Eric said...

Just realised I haven't updated the playlists for about three shows. Can't do it now because Amy and I are just trying to get a track finished for a new 7" 45rpm shortplaying record. But as soon as we're done I'll get to it.
I don't have Windows OS myself but I'm sure I know somebody who has if that's any help. Or am I thinking of Mac OS. I don't know.

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