Sunday, October 25, 2009

New show next week

Apologies for the hiatus or whatever you call it (actually I thought a hiatus was a hernia that causes one to - never mind, drop it, leave it...) I've been busy producing an album for Gil Rose & Les Hydropathes. Obviously they chose me as a producer because I had the good taste to play one of their records on the show - you remember, back when I was young, about four months ago - it came with an interesting aside concerning the origin of the word denim. Denim: de Nimes, just like Gil Rose & Les Hydropathes who also come from Nimes and have more style than mere denim.
I'll be back next week with a new show brimful of chart-topping toe tappers, witty asides and interesting facts to help you wile away what would otherwise doubtlessly be merely frittered if that's the word for it. And frittered is definitely the mot juste for me at the moment because I've just spent two days recording harmonica overdubs, and in French too.
Rock on etc. And look out for the show later this week. Meanwhile don't touch that dial!
See you later alligator.
In a while crocodile.
Over and out.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, je me sens un peu coupable d'avoir empéché tes auditeurs d'accéder à ton émission de radio,
j'ai été ravie de travailler avec toi, j'ai trouvé cela très "intéressant"........j'ai hâte d'écouter le résultat, et de vous revoir bientôt j'espère,

Kisses to Amy & You of course,